Corporate Retreats

Our Corporate Retreats are Carefully Designed to Help Companies Improve Efficiency and Productivity!

  • Strengthen your teams in order to improve performance and efficiency.

  • Enhance individual team members in all areas of their lives through our incredible Bio-hacking Self-Actualization Program.
  • Provide your team with an incredible way to rest and rejuvenate.

Companies who invest in the health and wellness of their employees by  sending their employees on retreats, or providing access to health and wellness facilities and services, statistically see better performances, results and experience higher levels of productivity than companies who do not provide opportunities such as corporate retreats.

Our Incredible Corporate Retreats Offer

Corporate Retreats

Incredible Locations

Our incredible corporate retreats are held in exclusive luxury resorts to provide your team with the ultimate rest and relaxation. This enables your team to shut off from work, rest and rejuvenate, returning back to work at optimum capacity!  

Your team can relax and unwind in tranquil and luxury resorts, whilst not out on adventures, doing team building activities, sight seeing, experiencing new cultures, or learning through our incredible teachings with us. We find the perfect balance to help your team return back to work feeling rested, rejuvenated, and ready to crush it! 

Exotic Locations

On our corporate retreats we travel to a number of different incredible places, countries and cities! Your team can immerse themselves and experience some of the most iconic, exotic and world renowned historic sites and attractions, on our incredible tours! 

Your team will enjoy our trips and tours to some of the worlds most iconic attractions and historic sites while experiencing new cultures, enjoying incredible cuisine, doing team building activities and enjoying incredible teachings at key moments along the way! This provides your team with a unique opportunity to visit new places, see some incredible world renowned sights, experience new cultures and bond as a team whilst out on tours and adventures.

Corporate Retreats
Corporate Retreats

Incredible Destinations

Your team can experience some of the most incredible curated destinations on our travels! This provides them with once in a lifetime opportunity to experience some of the most magical experiences around the world! 

Our corporate retreats offer some of the most incredibly magical destinations which provide your team with incredibly magical experiences! 

Extraordinary Experiences

We carefully curate some of the most incredible experiences on all our corporate retreats! This enables your team to experience incredible team building and bonding through sharing of a once in a lifetime adventure!  Your team can completely immerse themselves in incredible unique experiences and adventure!  This enables your team to relax and bond whilst doing something completely new together.

At every step of the way our corporate retreats have magical experiences for your team to experience life in a whole new way! 

Corporate Retreats
Corporate Retreats

Memorable Moments

We carefully curate some of the most incredible experiences for your team to create some memorable moments as a team! 

Our retreats are about living life to the fullest! At every destination we include some incredible experiences to create some amazing memorable moments!

Magical Moments

Your team will experience some of the most incredibly magical moments! We include amazing experiences at key moments through carefully and specifically designed activities to help them bond as a team! 

We carefully select key experiences on every retreat to create truly unique and magical experiences!

Corporate Retreats
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First Class Luxury Experiences

Your teams every need is catered for, to ensure they can relax and enjoy our retreats in comfort! 

Your team’s comfort is our top priority, and we take pride in providing first class luxury experiences! 

Experience Incredible Cultures and Cuisines

Your team can immerse themselves in new cultures on our travels, try new things and meet amazing people! This will help them broaden their horizons!

Your team will experience most delicious and delectable, authentic cuisines from around the world on our travels!

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Adventure Every Step of the Way

Your team members will experience some incredible adventures and activities on our incredible corporate retreats. All incredible activities are carefully curated and planned along our travels to different destinations. Our incredible activities are designed to fill your team with excitement and adventure! 

On our retreats there is adventure every step of the way! 

Team Building

We have incredible team building activities on our corporate retreats to strengthen the bonds of your team. Our activities range from incredible adventure activities to team building exercises and games! All our activities are carefully curated and designed to ensure your team grows stronger together through overcoming obstacles and challenges. This enables your team to work more efficiently  together, enabling them to maximize efficiency and productivity.

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Spiritual Enlightenment

One of our purposes is to help people become spiritually enlightened beings.  As becoming spiritually enlightened can have numerous benefits across all areas of life. Which is why we place a lot of emphasis on spirituality on our retreats. Your team can embark on a spiritual journey with us as we help them begin a path of spiritual enlightenment! 

Your team can enjoy incredibly amazing teachings! Our Teachings are carefully designed to help and guide your team on their path of spiritual enlightenment! Your team can also enjoy incredible meditation sessions which will help them find their inner Zen!

This will help your team members find peace, contentment and balance in their lives.  Your team will also learn how to mitigate highly stressful situations in the work place and in life through meditation.

Mind Body Connection

Our corporate retreats offer some incredible activities designed to help your team develop their mind body connection such as yoga! 

Your team can experience incredible yoga classes and activities which will help them improve their health and well-being! 

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Our retreats are perfect for your team to make new friends and life long connections on our incredible adventures!

Your team will also have an amazing opportunity to meet incredible people from all over the world!


When your team members join our retreats they become part of our tribe and family! They are automatically added to our mastermind which enables them to improve every area of their lives.  Your team members will also be able to join our exclusive invite only retreats through our mastermind.

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